The Characteristics That Affect Consumer Behaviour

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Contents INTRODUCTION 2 THE CHARACTERISTICS THAT AFFECT CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR: 2 THE TYPES OF CONSUMER BUYING DECISIONS: 3 The Components of the Decision-Making Process 4 Conclusion 5 Marketing Recommendations 6 INTRODUCTION According to Assael (2004, p.2), “Consumer behaviour determines a firm’s profitability”. Marketers have come to realize that their effectiveness in meeting consumer needs indirectly influences their profitability. Assael(2004, p.2). So it’s compulsory for every marketer to understand the consumer behaviour otherwise they will have a more challenging time to target a campaign that attract consumer purchase to a new product. This report will be focusing on a married, middle age businessman in…show more content…
According to Assail (2004), “Culture is a set of socially acquired values that society accepts as a whole and transmits to its members through language and symbols. As a result, culture reflects a society’s shared meanings and traditions “. The culture manner has to contact with the factors influencing the choice in product depending to the kind of lifestyles and background the consumer is from so David should buy the car which would be having all the Features which he wants and the price should intersect his income range respectively. Secondly, majority of people working in companies on manager posts uses the car which had these types of features in it, because the companies are far away from their homes so they want a comfortable drive; this shows a society’s shared meaning and tradition as said by Assail 2004. This car can also be used as a family car because it is four seated and everyone living with the family wants to buy a four seated car because of their family members. Another factor that can affect this consumer behaviour would be his personal characteristics such as his personal life style, age and occupation, which can also be expressed by (Kotler 2010). In David’s case, these factors would relate firstly to his occupation. As a Manager, he has a limited purchasing power by which price is important factor for him, by considering this point he can’t buy any car which is out of his price
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