The Characteristics of My Strong Ego Essay

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Most people deem that having a strong ego is a bad thing. However, I feel that my ego is the greatest asset in my personality as an optimist. There is a combination of three characteristics that make up my optimism. They are my strong determination and tenacious will power, good strong work ethic, and my positive morals as a person. The mixture of these characteristics makes my strong ego, which in turn makes me an optimistic person. My strong determination and tenacious will power are demonstrated on a daily basis. It is displayed in every aspect of my life. Strong determination is displayed in my school, in just the sole basis of me coming back to school and wanting to do better in my life. It’s also displayed in home life, in ways…show more content…
The will power to accomplish endeavors comes from the strong mindset that I have acquired through the years. By the time I was seven years old I was out with my dad sweeping sidewalks as he mowed the grass. By my dad making me work to earn a dollar, instilled in me the work ethic that I have. He used to say, “Son, you have a Cadillac mind and a Volkswagen pocketbook.” This way of thinking provides an optimistic outlook on life. When I was in the 5th grade I wanted a pair of white and blue Nike shoes, but my parents wouldn’t buy them for me. I worked with my dad for two weeks, everyday, and saved enough to buy them for myself. This event made me believe that nothing comes free and I have to work for everything that I get. My mom, a stickler for always doing the right thing, used to say “things will all work out in the end if you are always doing the right thing.” This established the positive moral characteristics I believe, and is another example of my optimistic personality. This actually paid off for me this week. I have been discontent with my job for a while, but I have continued to work because I need a job to support my family. This week I got a phone call that offered me a job paying five dollars more an hour. This incidence
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