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The Characteristics of Women Managers Working women managers are more competent (capable) than male managers, showing differences in management and leadership skills. Janet Irwin co-author for the 1997 survey study of Women are better bosses stated that "Women are stronger than men overall in both interpersonal skills and managerial effectiveness". Also studies showed that on average females are rated higher overall than males in certain areas such as high productivity, meeting schedules and deadlines, meeting commitments, recognising trends and interpersonal side. Men and women scored equally on delegating authority and men were rated higher in handling pressure and coping with their own…show more content…
The two main issues of the situation are the people being led- the 'followers' and the tasks that they have to perform. Ragins and Sundstorm (1989) had discovered that women managers demonstrated a greater need for socialised than for personalised power. Stereotype ========== · Women, it is claimed by men are too emotional and indecisive to be effective managers (Buchanan & Huczynski, 1997). · Women, on the other and are more likely to avoid putting others down and to act in ways that are face-saving for others (D.Tannen, 1995). · Women can appear lack self-confidence by playing down their certainty and by expressing doubt more openly (D.Tannen, 1995). · Most women bear a major share of domestic responsibilities and are unable to fulfil a demand for a full-time commitment to a career for the whole of their working lives (Women on board-PSI, 1991). · Women having low aspiration amongst themselves (R.Bennett, 1994). · Women lack commitment, which can lead to loss of concentration in the work job (R.Bennett, 1994). · Women have unrealistic expectations, e.g. want the organisation to be friendly (in reality it is not)- (Women moving on, 1995). · They can be more sensitive to issues and can be more emotional (Women on board-PSI, 1991). · Preassumptions that family commitments will cause a women to take more time off than

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