The Characterization Of Oedipus ' Oedipus Rex '

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In Sophocles tragic play, Oedipus Rex, there is often feedback when discussing the characterization of Oedipus. Key issues in this play are pointed towards in realm of a tragedy, because Oedipus suffers a few character flaws such as anger, pride and arrogance. Within those flaws, he fails to reflect upon his actions; causing blindness and later, result his honor to be under minded and seen at the forefront of Thebes. What makes this play more on the fringe than other tragic plays are Oedipus’s actions’. They are what motivate his prophecy, and it allows him to discover his identity as, “He has no clear vision which enables him to examine every side of a matter with unclouded eyes, and to see all things in due perspective; nor has he a calm wisdom which is always master of his passion,” says Barstow, Marjorie. Considering the background of this tragic, begins with his actions before he enters Thebes. This indicates a general structure of his actions; Revealing his first flaw of pride. Toward the end of the plot Oedipus says to Jocusta, “There was a dinner and at it a man, a drunken man, accused me in his drink of being bastard. I was furious but held my temper under for that day.” 871. Reflecting back, he continues explaining to Jocusta, his wife, how he confronted his parents and visits the oracle in Delphi. “Next day I went and taxed my parents with it they took the insult very ill from him, the drunken fellow who had uttered it. So I was comforted for their part, but
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