The Characters Between Good And Evil In Dracula By Bram Stoker

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The universe is composed of both good and evil beings. The good humans are always nice and thoughtful of other people. The evil characters, on the other hand, keep on hurting and harming their fellows. In most cases, people do not like associating with evil characters. These people are avoided, and they live a lonely life without friends. The reason is that good and evil will always be two parallel elements that will never meet. In a typical and real-world setting, good and evil characters are determined by their actions. For instance, an evil person could set a trap for luring their closest friend into danger. Conversely, in the fictional world, evil characters are differentiated from the good ones by giving them terrifying and monstrous images. The novel Dracula by Bram Stoker is one book that uses vampires to portray evil. Some people find pleasure in doing good while others find joy in doing evil to others. But everyone is entitled to choosing their paths and personalities. The question is, between good and evil, what is the noblest thing to emulate? The Dracula novel gives a series of events that answers the question. Evil will never surpass goodness, and neither will the two ever cross lines; instead, goodness will always win the battle. Dracula being the main character in the novel, everything revolves around him. He has a lot of power and recruited followers. Since he is a vampire, he never dies, and he lives sucking the blood of the living. Jonathan Hankers sets
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