The Characters Dick, Jane, and Spot Essay

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The Characters Dick, Jane, and Spot Dick, Jane, and Spot are all characters that are used to teach Elementary School Children reading and spelling skills. Spelling is a difficult concept to master, especially when learning the spelling of American Standard English. "George Bernard Shaw said that the word fish might as well be spelled ghoti--using gh as in rough, o is in women and ti as in vacation"(Glazer 99). Sometimes the spelling of certain words can seem illogical and may have no other similar spelling in the language. When a young child looks at these words, the student cannot use logic to spell certain…show more content…
It is like the information gets lost on the way to the brain. Discrepancy means the connection between the learning disabled students achievement and ability. One example the web site gives is, " It's kind of like a baseball player who has the ability to hit home runs but is given a broken bat to use. He doesn't have the chance to prove how great he really is." Learning disabled students are not all the same, but they all have similar processing difficulties and learning difficulties. Students with learning disabilities require more patience and one on one attention from teachers, making it difficult for them to be in a class with children who do not have learning disabilities. These children are usually put in special education classes where the class sizes are smaller and the teachers are trained to teach these children. There are three methods that must be used to teach spelling correctly and effectively. The first is that "spelling instruction should not be restricted to a study of relationships between letters and sounds but should also entail a comprehensive study of the structural and semantic relationships of words"(Hodges 419). Teachers must incorporate spelling with reading and writing. A child will not be able to further his spelling skills unless he is continuously practicing and using his spelling knowledge. Also, if a child is constantly reading and

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