The Characters Of Irony In The Short Story Of Roald Dahl

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Roald Dahl is unlike any other writer. Because of his past, Dahl was known to include gambling, dark humor, and even gruesome violence in his writings. He wrote poems, short stories, and even screenwriting; always including bad things happening to sympathetic characters, which some believed he used as a form of relief. Roald Dahl is an astounding author with a wide vision in which he shows in a form of writing, which is proven in a series of his short stories, such as the way he creates irony, by placing sympathetic characters in dangerous situations, especially in the dark humor that follows with many of his short stories

Roald Dahl has written many pieces, from short stories, to films, to children’s books. One would notice that in all of his work, there is a recurring motif; irony. Dahl shows irony in many different forms, such as dark humor, gambling, or surprise endings. Critics suggest that ‘Dahl caters to the sadism in children, which they don’t even realize it’s there’, meaning he attempts to always bring out the morbid side to every happy story, always having some sort of offspring. Dahl claimed that his years of attending elementary school (which he referred to as ‘days of horror’) inspired a majority of his writing.

Dahl has been known to put characters whom a reader would feel sympathy for in dangerous situations. In one of Dahl’s short stories, Lamb To The Slaughter, we get introduced to two characters, Mary and Patrick Maloney. In the beginning of this story,
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