The Characters Of Joseph Stalin, And Snowwell's Animal Farm

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The Truth behind Animal Farm
For those who’ve read the Book “Animal Farm”, it’s not just a fictional story, this book brings in real life events which happened in the past. Animal farm is all about dictatorship and how it relates to communism and capitalism.There are many characters who represent dictators as well as the beginning of the russian revolution. The characters Napoleon and Snowball both represent dictators or a leader from the past such as Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky. Throughout this analysis i will also explain on how the other characters in the story represent someone who has to do with society and government in the past. First, There is a character by the name of Old Major who represents Vladimir Lenin who was a leader of the bolshevik revolution and was a communist. Lenin in other words old major was the voice that would guide all of society before Joseph Stalin took over. Stalin had a peasant society with not much military involved. After lenin died Stalin organized his funeral. Napoleon represented a dictator by name Joseph Stalin. Joseph stalin was a Soviet Union Dictator in the years 1929-1953. Joseph stalin wasn’t a great dictator because he treated all of his people like peasants such as Napoleon did with the animals or in other word “society”. Stalin made a plan called five year plan which was a list of economic goals. Stalin made society change in big ways after lenin died such as transforming a peasant society to an industrial and military

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