The Characters Of Joseph Stalin's Inhumanity To Man

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Many people believe that Adolf Hitler was the most evil person that ever lived, but if one looked at the facts, they will see that Joseph Stalin was much worse. Infamous for his tyrannical rule over the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin killed millions more than Hitler. Stalin, in total, killed tens of millions of people while Hitler killed around six million. Stalin’s paranoia of people wanting to overthrow him caused him to go insane. Along with his purges of the communist party and harsh country reforms, he ended up killing at least 48 million people. Stalin’s inhumanity to man was truly awful. The key examples of Stalin’s inhumanity to man can be seen in his early life, his rule over the Soviet Union, and involvement in the Cold War. Just like most villains in stories, Joseph Stalin had a pessimistic back story. Joseph Stalin was born on December 21, 1879 in Gori, Georgia, Russia. His father was Vissarion Ivanovich Jughashvili and his mother was Katherine Djugashvili. Stalin’s original name was Joseph Vissarionovich, which he later changed to Joseph Stalin (Joseph Stalin). Soon after Joseph’s birth, his mother went to pray desperately that Joseph would not die like her first three babies (Archer 1). When Joseph was two, he contracted smallpox that left a scar on his face. Soon after, Joseph got hurt in a carriage accident that left a slight deformity in his arm. Stalin’s father was a poor shoemaker, who was also a heavy drinker. Due to his father’s drinking, the
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