The Characters Of Matilda And Elektra

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It’s Shakespearian, the method within the madness, justice to the wild woman. The maenad who tears apart the beast who represents her god and eats the flesh raw. Her throat bare, always sparking the wonder if she was mortal at all, the bride of fury. This darkened femininity is an ancient concept, meant for the cold chill, the woman veiled in madness and mystery, arriving in shadow. This is where “The Monk” and Daredevil thrive with the characters of Matilda and Elektra Natchios who parallel each other with the feminine sublime. The beginning of their similarity begins with their natures and how they are written within their respective atmospheres with clearly cause a mirroring effect. The darkness of Matilda and Elektra’s characters are first perceived in the way they weaved their ways into Ambrosio and Matt Murdock’s lives with a mirage of deception and manipulation, and this develops as the basis of their relationships. This is first displayed in the first two chapters of “The Monk” in the way Matilda works her way into Ambrosio’s life as the beginning of her control over him. Elektra enters as her own force of nature as well, in Daredevil, she enters her first scene in the form of a shadow. The fourth episode, the last second depicts her greeting him, sitting in his living room where she first goes unnoticed by him, even with his supernatural abilities. Both women, are as well, a distant figure of fascination. Matilda is highly aware of Ambrosio’s captivation and desire

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