The Characters Of Stapleton And The Joker

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One wears a sleek, purple suit, while the other wears a dirty, grey suit. Even though both characters are wearing a suit, it is necessary to look in between the lines at the diction that the author uses to build characterization. The man that wears the sleek, purple suit is the Joker from the many productions in which he existed, and the man that wears the dirty, grey suit is Stapleton, from The Hound of the Baskervilles. Stapleton and the Joker may be extremely contradistant, but they both share one affinity, the evilness that rushes through their blood. In their books and movies, Stapleton and the Joker are the main villains, which makes them very related. By looking at both of the creators’ imagery, it is clear that the Joker and…show more content…
Stapleton does not support the crimes that Stapleton does, so much that she wrote, “As you value your life or your reason, keep away from the moor.” (43). The matron was trying to keep Sir Henry Baskerville away from Baskerville hall, and away from the death that faced him. Stapleton and the Joker are similar and diverse because of their corresponding heroes. The Joker’s opponent is Batman. He is an immortal being, and usually catches the Joker at the end of whatever the crime is. Also, when the Joker does a crime, Batman usually knows that the Joker was the one who did it, mostly because he is such a vicious person. Nonetheless, Stapleton is able to hide in plain sight the fact that he murdered Sir Charles Baskerville, with his charming appearance. Stapleton was hiding his crimes by admitting, “ ‘I had a school, ‘ said stapleton. ‘It was in the north country. The work to a man of my temperament was mechanical and uninteresting, but the privilege of living with youth, of helping to mould those young minds, and of impressing them with one’s own character and ideals was very dear to me. ‘ “ (103). Stapleton seems so nice and sympathetic, so much that he made a school, so it was hard for his opponent, Sherlock Holmes, to find out that he, out of all men, was the killer.
Although The Joker and Stapleton are different, their personalities share one main connection, that they both are surprisingly vain. The Joker thinks highly of himself, as well as his

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