The Characters Of The Arracible In Arthur Miller's 'The Crucible'

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1. John Proctor tore up his signed confession because he could not live in a world where his name was tarnished. He claims he can live with them taking his soul, but not his name, when it is the only thing he has left. Also, he did not believe he could show his children how to walk like men if he had blackened his name with lies. 2. I believe Miller choose Proctor as the hero of the play because while at the beginning at the play he was keeping the secrets and was not coming clean about his sins, but by the end he came clean about his sins and he was tried to help his wife and the other women who were accused of witchcraft. Also, he was trying to do what was right, despite how it might affect him. In the general sense of what a hero is he is not a hero, but he was the only person who became a better a person throughout the play. Elizabeth won’t advise or judge her husband because this is a decision about his life and she thinks it is one he needs to make for himself. When Elizabeth says, “He have his goodness now. God forbid I take it from him”, she means that now that he has come clean about everything and redeemed his goodness, she will not make a choice for him that may change his fresh start. 3. The strongest emotional impact on me was when Elizabeth Proctor lied about her husband committing adultery because had she not have tried to protect her husband from ridicule, Elizabeth and perhaps some of the other women would have gone free. Also had this event not occurred,

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