The Characters Of The Audience In Truman's The Truman Show

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A narrative should feel real to an audience. Whether it be a book, TV, or film, we the audience expect the characters and storyline to somehow depict our reality. To do this, films need to have problems that the audience can relate to and must have characters that have similar characteristics and backgrounds to the audience. If this can be achieved the audience’s role of determining what is realistic will be accomplished.
An audience wants to be invested and it is their role to be. They crave for the feeling of reality as it takes their minds off their own problems. In order to make that work, new problems must be created that are plausible to the viewer. By doing this, the audience is able to feel more involved when a character is able to overcome something he/she has struggled for. These struggles can be as simple as getting work done on time or paying bills. And being as hard as dealing with a serious injury or even death. In The Truman Show, the audience is shown to be most involved when Truman faces a problem in his enclosed life. These problems are relatable to the viewer because they are problems that anyone in society could face unannounced. For example, Truman's struggle to find the truth is what gets the audience in the film on their seats because everyone has searched for the truth to something. We see people in the audience at work, but instead of doing their job, they are invested in the character they have come to know and love. They feel down when he is hit by

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