The Characters Of The Beloved Characters

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Everyone tries to be like the actors or characters they see on television or in movie theatres. Often times people can’t really see themselves as one character because they see too many negative aspects, and instead choose a character that they want to be more like because the traits of that character are more appealing. People often try to associate themselves with different aspects of a character. Some people may say something like “This character is so generous, I’m like this character because I am extremely generous”. Everyone wants to be associated with a character or more than one character, usually for better reasons rather than negative, but all in all, we try to find characters that help give us the appearance we look for as a…show more content…
I have few friends, but the friends I have are true friends, they are always there for me and I am always there for them. I love them with all my heart and there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for each other. I always have a very difficult time making new friends. Not because people don’t like me, but because starting conversations with people is hard for me. My friends found me when I was emotionally alone and they took me in. My life has been forever changed because of these few individuals. I care for them more than I care for myself. They are closer to me than some of my own family. Being socially awkward and shy is not a fun thing to be. I can never seem to be the kind of person that everyone wants to hang out with. At first, it did feel awful, but I’ve come to learn that I don’t have to get along with everyone, not everyone needs to be my friend. I have found my own friends and they are all I need. Being shy is just something that has always been with me. Going back to my first day in grade school, I was always shy to talk to people I’ve never seen before and if I did it was always an awkward moment. I naturally just became sort of an outcast and hung out with very few people. I’ve come to embrace who I am and the friends who I have are all the friends I would really care about or would want to have. Mac has a different personality from most characters in a

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