The Characters Of The Solar Eclipse

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The Twisted Eclipse By: Thomas Fox, Amelya Cook, Autumn Kelly, Ansley Hopper, Evan Dean Exposition: The warm summer breeze brushed eagerly at Jimmy and Johnny as they left their house. The solar eclipse was today, but they had already seen one, and they didn’t expect much. They would go to the park with Samantha, get some ice cream, and walk around.That was their daily routine. The truth was, the twin brothers both had a crush on Samantha, but they were both scared to say something about it. As they walked, their wavy blonde hair whisked to and from, but it didn’t matter. Their golden bronze skin gleamed in the magnificent sunlight. No one could tell them apart, except Samantha. Johnny had shiny hazel eyes that glowed in the moonlight, and Jimmy had deep blue eyes. Johnny finished texting Samantha and told Jimmy that she would meet them in the downtown area of their hometown, Hopkinsville, Kentucky. They went to their usual meeting place under the bridge but away from the water. When they saw Samantha, both their jaws dropped to the ground. She looked stunning! Her purple sundress blended to perfection with her cream-colored skin, her eyes shined like diamonds, and her dirty blonde hair had the perfect amount of curls in it. They sat and talked, neither twin could stop looking at her beautiful hair. What they didn’t know, however,was that their lives would take a twisted turn in a matter of hours. After they had finished talking, they went and got their ice cream.
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