The Characters Of Virgil And Homer's The Aeneid

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The Roman Empire is considered the greatest ancient empire and lasted from around 27 BC to 395 AD. The Romans were extremely proud of their empire, which often led them to compare themselves to those who had come before them. Virgil, a Roman poet alive during BCE, is considered Rome’s greatest poet. In one of his famous works, The Aeneid, Virgil showcases patriotism in his work. In The Aeneid, Virgil makes a comparison between the Romans and their predecessors of similar cultures, the Greeks. He uses parallels to Homer to make an argument for his point. Overall, the characters of Aeneas and Odysseus are representations of their separate cultures and through the comparison of them as heroes, Virgil attempts to show that the Romans were a…show more content…
Following the Gods’ orders was his instinct even if it meant leaving his happy life behind. In leaving to create and found Rome, Aeneas will be leaving his lover Dido behind as well as his sweet life.
Aeneas constantly sacrificed his own life and personal happiness to appease the gods for the good of his people and civic duty. On the other hand, Odysseus does not live his life for duty or others. When he left Troy in order to return home to Ithaca, he does not reach his final destination for ten years and doesn’t have any of his original crew. Odysseus abandons those he is responsible for and even strays from his path. For example, when he is on the island of the Cyclops, with Circe and Calypso, he puts his followers in danger and betrayed his wife who was waiting for him. The only reason why he returned to Ithaca and his wife was because the gods instructed him to do so. Overall, Odysseys’ actions were fueled by self-interest. Unlike Aeneas, he puts his personal life above his civic duty which was loathed by the Romans. Because of this, Virgil’s comparison of Aeneas and his sense of duty and Odysseus’ self-interest, puts the Roman culture above the Greek culture.
The way in which both Homer and Virgil approach war
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