The Characters of Blanche and Stanley

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1.1 Protagonist Blanche DuBois is the younger sister of Stella Kowalski. She comes to visit Stella and her husband, Stanley at their small home in New Orleans. Blanche is described as a Southern Belle that presents a tragic flaw stemmed from her lack of self- esteem. There are many words that can be used to describe Blanche; however her most dominant traits are unstable, flirtatious, and deceitful. Blanche has a devastating and scarring past in which her tragic flaw originates from. The elements of love, sex, and death haunt her until she is unable to handle it any longer and loses what is left of her sanity and sparks her unstable mind. To expatiate, Blanche was once married to the love of her life, Allen Grey, until she found…show more content…
Though Blanche doesn’t necessarily want Stanley, she still feeds off the attention given to her. Though what Blanche does may be immoral, there is evidence of her wanting to be clean and virtuous. Almost anytime Blanche’s clothes are described, they are white, an innocent color. The reader can see that Blanche wants to be the virtuous person she often pretends to be.

It is clear that Blanche DuBois is willing to do what she believes is necessary to get what she wants. This often includes deceit. She feels that she needs to lie about herself in order to seem more appealing. Because Blanche is so afraid of aging, she keeps her age to herself. While she is dating Mitch, she often deceives him by never letting him see her in bright light in order to conceal her faded looks. When she comes to New Orleans, Blanche does not tell her sister that she was fired from her job; she says that she is merely taking a vacation from the job. She says this in order to keep up the fake persona she holds. Blanche is very open about her lies with her sister. “I know I fib a good deal. After all, a woman's charm is fifty per cent illusion, but when a thing is important I tell the truth.” (69) This shows that Blanche’s lifelong choice of avoiding harsh realities leads to her breakdown. With all of the lies and deceit Blanche tells, she is living an unreal existence.

1.1.2 Changes Blanche DuBois has a deteriorating
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