The Characters of Oedipus and Shakuntala: A Comparative Analysis

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Oedipus and Shakuntala Works of literature tell stories but they are also meant to instruct through showing the consequences of a chosen course of action. In the stories of Oedipus and Shakuntala, the life lesson the author wants the reader to understand is the importance of following one's duty. Even when a person does not understand or agree with what they are ordered to do by those in authority, it is important that the action is done. If not, then the failure to perform one's assigned task can lead to a tragic ends for all those involved. Oedipus and Shakulanta are characters wil similar origins; both are orphaned after being abandoned by their parents either because of fear or because of disinterest in parenthood. The different outcomes of Oedipus and Shakuntala shows what can happen if duty is not followed and people make choices which are counter to the wishes of their leaders. Young Oedipus believes that his parents are royals but he does not understand his true origins. As it turns out, the parents who raised him were not his birth parents. The circumstances of his actual birth are unknown to him and he determines that he must find out who his real parents are and what that means about his own identity. The reader knows the truth about Oedipus's birth, that his father heart a psychic premonition that his son would wind up murdering him and then marrying the king's wife who is also the son's mother. In order to prevent this from happening, he orders that the

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