The Characters of Percy Jackson, The Last Olympian

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The Last Olympian
Setting : The two main cities this book takes place in is mount Olympus and new York. Olympus in this book is actually at the top of a building and has been moved there. Its in the 600th floor. Mount Olympus is where they fight to save the it in the end. Percy Jackson also goes to poseidons palace which his huge and has lots of scenery. The underworld in the story is in central park and the kids are sent by Percys mom over there.

Characters: Percy Jackson again is the main character throughout the series. Percy Jackson is the son of Poseidon and is a demi god. He doesn’t know so until he is in his teens. He has powers with water and has a sword called riptide which is his main weapon. Percy Jackson has gotten himself
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Throughout the book she has been doing what she believed in and wasn’t afraid to risk her life. In the end her mom also rewards Anabeth by letting her decorate the cabins in the camp and she got very happy because of that.

Kronos is a deadly titan who takes form of the cam half blood counselor Luke who was a friend to the kids origonally. Luke Captures Percy and wants to battle him for no reason at all. Percy then leaves because a friend tells him too and percy falls off the ship and lands in Poseidons castle. He wakes up too see his brother Tyson is looking over him. Percy the realizes his friend that told him to leave Beckendorf dies and Percy wants revenge on Luke who is played by Kronos. Percy go backs to the camp and learns he needs to find a prophecy. The prophecy sais that Percy will die by getting stabbed by a sword. Anabeth convinces him that he has to fight and he does keep fighting even when knowing the risk. While at camp everyone is acting nice to Percy and feels bad for him. They go there separate ways and Grover is gone. Percy then has to go find Luke’s mom who has gone crazy and learn nothing at all except that Hestia is the Last Olympian. He goes to talk to Nico the son of Hades. Nico tricks him and they fight each other. Nico then fights percy because Hades promises Nico his thrown if he kills Percy. Anabeth and Percy then unite to go get ready for the fight with all of the other campers. The kids then go to Olympus to prepare to fight
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