The Charismatic Leader Of Positive Deviance

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Initially, upon reading the directions for this assignment, I was prepared to choose some form of criminal deviance. After all, I am a criminal justice major, what could be more natural? Then I read “Positive Deviance” by Druann Maria Heckert. It struck a chord with me, how could something positive, be looked at in a negative light? So I decided to focus my first writing assignment on the charismatic leader characteristic of positive deviance. Deviance is described as “any behavior, belief, or condition that violates significant social norms in the society or group in which it occurs” (Kendall, 2015, p. 164). Positive deviance on the other hand “is based on the observation that in every community there are certain individuals or groups whose uncommon behaviors and strategies enable them to find better solutions to problems than their peers, while having access to the same resources and facing similar or worse challenges” (“Positive deviance initiative,” 2016). Positive deviance seems, as pointed out in Heckert’s article, to be an oxymoron. It is near impossible to reconcile the concept of deviant behavior, which in and of itself seems to exude negativity, with the concept of exceptional intelligence, or innovative thinking. One way to look at positive deviance by comparing it to a statistical norm, or bell curve. The most common and oft seen socially accepted norms, which encompass the majority of the curve, are those professed and followed by mainstream society.…
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