The Charity Organization Society

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1. The Charity Organization Society was based in the scientific movement of organizations. Workers believed that charity work needed more definition and organization and that charity should be focused more on individual need rather than as a whole population. Focusing on individual need was intended to improve relief operations while making resources more efficient. They also intended to eliminate public outdoor relief. With the promotion of more organization and efficiency the new Charity Organization Societies were born. Trattner states that these new requirements for organization and efficiency spread so “rapidly that within 6 years 25 cities had such organizations and by the turn of the century there were some 138 of them in…show more content…
This evidence made it clear that dependency was linked to misfortune rather than misconduct (Trattner, 1999). The new conclusions about poverty made way for reform in poverty relief; within this reform where the roots of the Settlement House Movement lie.
The Settlement House Movement was a response to the Charity Organization Society who had made little efforts to improve living and working conditions of the poor. Where C.O.S had “friendly visitors” Settlement House workers considered themselves social reformers rather than charity workers (Trattner, 1999). Their approach was to prevent ails that the poor suffered from such as urban living and working conditions. They also attempted to bridge the gaps between classes and races. These workers were not interested in just giving out financial or verbal relief they were trying to reform society and the way the poor were viewed.
This new ideology of the Settlement House Movement was very different from that of the C.O.S who had focused on individual need rather than looking at society as a whole as a cause of poverty. Where C.O.S provided spiritual uplift the Settlement House Movement promoted social and economic change (Trattner, 1999). C.O.S workers focused on dependency while Settlement House workers were concerned with the reasons behind poverty. Settlement House workers focused on equality within their philosophy and in their
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