The Dangers Of Forgiveness In The Charmer By Budge Wilson

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The Dangers of Forgiveness
The short story, “The Charmer,” by Budge Wilson sends the message that failure to hold children accountable for their misdeeds is dangerous as it often leads to dire consequences on their demeanor; this is a vital message to comprehend because parents who do constantly overlook the faults of their children, will often find themselves indulging in feelings of regret in the face of adversity. To begin, Zach’s absurd behaviour during the exposition helps Wilson illustrate her theme about the importance of punishing children for their wrongdoings. For example, Winnifred explains how “Zach stole money out of wallets that were left lying around...started smoking at thirteen…[and smashed up their] one night after a poker party...But afterwards, Zach delivered apologies that would have brought tears to a preacher’s eyes” (Wilson, 4). This clearly proves that Zach is a manipulative son who believes that by using his charm, he is not obligated to abide by any rules. His parents’ excessive usage of forgiveness allows him to gradually magnify the degree of his crimes and impose financial burdens on the family. When a child happens to engage in criminal activity, parents are naturally inclined to be infuriated and impose strict consequences because they do not want their child to suffer in the future. However, since Zach’s parents are irresponsible, Zach is unable to differentiate right from wrong. Unfortunately, Zach’s actions show that he is becoming
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