The Charter School Lottery Winners And Lottery Losers

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Abstract The reading will focus on the overall educational program success of 36 charter middle schools across 15 states. There will be at least three international standards incorporated with the reading to shed light on the effectiveness and non-effectiveness of the charters school education programs. The charter school lottery winners and lottery losers will be statically measured. The standards that will be focused on are International Standard Organization (ISO) 9001:2008, Six Sigma, and LEAN (LEAN Enterprise Institute). The reading will compare the purpose, values, application, relative functionality, and implication of each Total Quality Management (TQM) model. Keywords: programs, six, sigma, lean, model, charter, schools, standards Total Quality Management According to Total Quality Management (TQM) (2013, pg 1), “Total quality management (TQM) can help a school monitor and evaluate its effectiveness. There are various TQM models, but they all have a common focus on customer satisfaction and continuous service improvement toward excellence. For schools, the customer is the student.” When a Total Quality Management (TQM) is implemented in an institution it can set it apart from the other institutions. It formulates task teams to manage the institution compared to having a chain of command. An effective Total Quality Management (TQM) institution “Mission Statement” is the foundation of the education process. This encourages the staff

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