The Chemistry Of Diffusion Of Osmosis

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Diffusion is the random movement of particles, caused by kinetic energy, from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration. Once the two substances are in equilibrium, diffusion still occurs. However, the substances stay in equilibrium, as the random movement is equal across both sides. Osmosis is the diffusion of water, through a selectively permeable membrane. A selectively permeable membrane is a membrane that allows certain molecules to pass through itself, and is resistant to other molecules. Osmosis is a very important process by cells, with uses such as the absorption of water. Many cells are placed in solutions with a similar solute-solvent ratio, to prevent rapid intake or expulsion of water. Osmosis causes a change in turgor pressure, and in osmotic pressure. Tugor pressure is the pressure exerted on the cytoplasm on the cell caused by the intake or expulsion of water. Osmotic pressure is the pressure of the water If the turgor pressure in a cell is too great, than the cell may explode. If the turgor pressure inside the cell is too low, the cell will shrivel. Potatoes are vegetables that are grown under the surface of the dirt. Potatoes are commonly cooked for consumption. Some common foods that are made from potatoes are; mashed potatoes, french fries, and some kinds of chips. Potatoes are grown in one-hundred twenty five countries. If eaten raw, potatoes can cause sickness as they may be poisonous. Potatoes are made…
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