The Chemistry Of Material Chemistry

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Material chemistry is important as it leads to synthesis of advanced materials with new and superior properties and improved compositions. It is one of the integral parts of material science. It mainly deals with four components. (i)Materials, (ii) Synthesis and processing by different possible routes, (iii) Structure and Properties and finally (iv) Characterization and evaluation. Here the oxygen carrier chosen for the experiment is a mixed oxide of both Cu and Mn. Cu and Mn both belong to transition metal category with atomic numbers 29 and 25 respectively. Oxides of Cu and Mn are not at all toxic in nature and are environmental benign. Also they are less costly compared to other metal oxides. Copper oxides always show better reactivity and Manganese oxides have the ability to change to various oxidation states. Cu has atomic mass of both Cu and Mn oxides separately have showed high reactivity being an oxygen carrier, but literature shows that these oxides have limitations when used individually like limited recyclability, agglomeration, sintering etc. This lead to exploring the use of these single metal oxides in a mixed form. The three dimensional or geometrical arrangement of molecules or atoms as points in a specific form in space is called a crystal lattice. The smallest unit of a crystal lattice is called a unit cell. A unit cell is the smallest repeating unit of a crystal. The unit cells have different structures. These arrangements are also called Bravais
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