The Chernobyl And Piper Alpha Case Studies

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Peyman Alizadeh
Professor M. Gaboury
LAWS 1038-41
Date November 25, 2016
Compare and Contrast the Chernobyl and Piper Alpha Case Studies
Chernobyl and Piper Alpha Case studies are two of the engineering failures that has happened in the world. The world worst civilian disaster happened when the Chernobyl nuclear power explode in soviet plant located in Ukraine. Soviet nuclear plant was one of the most advanced facilities that included four reactors. The Chernobyl accident happened on 26 April 1986 when the technician wanted to test the backup cooling system for the reactor number four without following the safety procedure. Due to explosion in reactor number four, eight tons of radioactive debris spread into the atmosphere that caused 115000 people to evacuate from 30 kilometers around the area. As a result of this explosion, thirty-one of the plant personnel and the initial fire workers who involved in extinguishing the fire were died shortly from acute radiation sickness. The main issue causes Chernobyl disaster is complex since some people blame the Chernobyl tragedy on the power plant operator, the other blame on the design of the reactor itself (UNSCEAR, 2008).
Piper Alpha platform explosion and massive fire happened on July 6th, 1988 and located on the North Sea offshore. This disaster was also one of the most significant disaster in human history and the history of the North Sea. In this incident 167 people killed and most of the properties were…

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