The Chernobyl Disaster And Its Effects On The United States

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Three Mile Island As humans we want to have a good life, have a home, maybe a family and feel safe. With the advances in industry such as energy production we can have more luxuries which include heat, lights and running water. However, as technology gets bigger and better there will always be risks that can lead to catastrophic outcomes. Luckily for the United States; we did not have a disastrous outcome with a nuclear power plant such as the 1986’s Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant catastrophe, making, ”the Chernobyl disaster the only level 7 incident on the International Nuclear Event Scales (INES) making it the biggest man-made disaster of all time” (List 25, 2014) . Three Mile Island power plants is located near Middletown Pennsylvania. On March 28, 1979, the plant had a partial meltdown. Even though the Three Mile Island power plant incident did not have any adverse health effects, Three Mile Island had an impact on the nuclear industry development and politically in the United States.
To understand the Three Mile Island incident, a background knowledge is needed. What is a nuclear power plant? Nuclear power plants are energy producing facilities. The energy is produced in a nuclear reactor located in the facility. The plants use heat generated from nuclear fission which occurs in a contained area and in which water is converted to steam. Nuclear fission is the division of a nucleus in two approximate equal masses. When this process is completed a release of a large
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