The Cherokee And The American Revolution

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The Cherokee attempted to civilize to mirror their American counter parts in an attempt to elude they’re absolute removal. The Cherokee had faith in government, but did not calculate greed, bigotry and biased opposition from those who were overseeing they’re livelihood. The Cherokee had always opposed those who took to emigration, but soon after force the Majority were unwelcomed in a new society. The tribe, cooperated with British forces in hopes of maintaining their ancestral land.
The Cherokee tribe had lost a vast amount of land by siding with the British during the
American Revolution. The outbreak of hostilities between 1776 and 1794, the Cherokees lost more than twenty thousand square miles of land . The tribe’s way of life depended on the land for hunting and trading deer pelts, was now in jeopardy . The loss of land meant less game which meant less food and trading for the tribe. The Cherokee also used land to plant crops but not on the scale as the Americans did. Because previous north eastern tribes were vanishing, the newly formed government wanted to help the Cherokee from the same fate. President George Washington realized that the Cherokee were at risk of being wiped out like the north eastern tribes. To subdue the warfare between encroaching settlers and the Cherokee, Washington began the United States Civilization Program. In a letter by Elizabeth Taylor a Cherokee, she describes learning that white people were once uncivilized also and that she hopes her
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