The Chicago School Of Professional Psychology Essay

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Final Research Proposal Luis A. Santiago-Gaetan The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Introduction to the Study For several decades, literature has suggested that multinational corporations (MCNs), transnational corporations (TNCs), and or international business companies (IBCs), are among the most powerful and wealthiest organizations in the history of the world (Tirimba & Macharia, 2014; Bouquet & Birkinshaw, 2008; Fuchs, 2007; Cohen, 2007; Stopford, 1998; Meleka, 1985; Hawkins, 1979). These business organizations conduct operations in many countries around the world, employing millions, and directly or indirectly impacting the lives, cultures, economies, and many times the environments of many millions more. Social justice theory of ethics suggests that who is benefited is as important as how many are benefited (IIT, 2016). In the article “The Need for Ethical Leadership,” Butcher (1997) stated that “things that affect free enterprise affect the whole society” (p. 86). Additionally, Aleksic (2013) wrote the article “How Organizations Achieve Longevity” and suggested that “change management can be considered as an important determinant of organizational longevity” (p. 65). Moreover, Khan (2014) stated in the article “The Longevity of Large Enterprises: A Study of the Factors that Sustain Enterprises over an Extended Period of Time,” that “the findings indicate that many factors are indeed linked to organizational longevity, although five main factors are an
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