The Chicago Teachers Union And Chicago Public Schools

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Georgis, Donnell, Mike, Moose For the second time in almost 4 years, over 350,000 Chicago Public School Students may not be able to go to school because of the CTU Strike that is currently in progress today (The Washington Post). The issue between the Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public Schools has not been solved yet due to disagreements about the income received. The Chicago Teachers Union has made offers to school administrations; however, the responses were not in their favor. The union has been in progress of agreeing on a contract “since November 2011, [and the strike that occurred at the time] was the first to hit the Windy City in 25 years” (Liebelson). The issue must have erupted due to a misconception or a realization of problems occurring. Chicago Teachers Union choosing to strike does not affect charter schools since they are not a part of Chicago Public Schools. The issue of school strikes can be fixed by increasing the budgets and providing useful resources to teachers in order to improve the level of education. The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) Strike in 2012 affected every single Chicago Public School and their Students in 2012. The strike affected about 600 public schools which is over 350, 000 students. The CTU began negotiating their contract with CPS in November of 2011, but their demands were not met. Since the negotiating did not solve the issue, the Chicago Teachers Union chose to organize a strike for the first time in Chicago in 25 years.
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