The Chicano Spanish

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The comparison of illustrations and also the descriptive details of which what Anzaldua wrote about the Chicano spanish were indiscriminating themselves of being a marginalized group that their language was socially inferior to the dominant discourse language, the English language in America. The Chicano, or the Spanish people, in American society main priority that they wanted to get of the their cultural language to become “ Americanized” of speaking the dominant discourse. The Chicano spanish people then felt uncomfortable that their traditional language by speaking Spanish to other people that they were make low estimations; therefore, the Spanish people resorts by speaking English as a neutral language for them to communicate to the people of society without feeling embarrassed. In spite of using the dominant language as a source of communication, they require to a distinct for them to communicate themselves rather than speaking the English culture. For the Chicano spanish that they were the complex, heterogeneous people as they spoke in many vary of different languages” (28). From school, the media, and the job situations, I’ve picked up standard and working-class English. From Mamagrande Locha and from reading Spanish and Mexican literature, I’ve picked up Standard Spanish and Standard Mexican Spanish.” The autoethnography where the people often made representations of themselves based on what other people wrote about them. In “ The Arts of the Contact Zone” of Pratt…

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