The Chicano Subculture Essay

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“I'm not Mexican. I am not American. I am not American in USA and Mexican in Mexico. I am Chicano everywhere. I do not have to assimilate anything. I have my own history”, stated the writer and novelist Carlos Fuentes. The Chicano subculture is the mixture of the Mexican and the American cultures. This subculture has its own history and unique characterizations that make it stand out. According to the Merriam Webster dictonary the word subculture is defined as “a group that has beliefs and behaviors that are different from the main groups within a culture or society”. The Chicano subculture has a history, language, leaders, art, literature, and even their music, and it’s the perfect example for this definition of the word subculture.
Firstly, there is nothing that someone can do to become Chicano. Being a Chicano is ascribed, in other words, you are born being one. A Chicano is usually a term given to a person who was born and raised in United States with Mexican customs but at the same time embraces the American culture. In other words, they have Mexican roots but grew in American soil. Chicanos put effort into maintaining their Mexican customs, language, songs, myths, and basically everything that they had abandoned in their previous country. However, they do not consider themselves to be completely Mexican nor American. Chicanos emerged in the 60’s due to discrimination and racism suffered by Mexican-Americans and turbulent moments that they experienced in the United…

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