The Chief Cause Of The Mexican Revolution Of 1911

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After the Spanish conquest of Mexico by Hernan Cortez in 1519, Mexico was set up to follow a three century long struggle against inequality. From the time that the Spaniards were in control until the dictatorship of Profirio Diaz, Mexicans, originally the Natives, struggled to attain equality in all sectors of life and resulted in a Revolution that began on the 11ht of November 1911. Historians and academics have argued as to what causes contributed to the Mexican Revolution of 1911 and the question posed asks whether or not racism was the chief cause. This essay will show that in fact racism was not the chief cause of the Mexican Revolution of 1911 but rather it was a result of numerous causes such as the inconsistency in the disparity of…show more content…
Diaz’s Profiriato dictatorship proved that the disparity of wealth amongst the Mexicans became overwhelming and was greatly unjustified as he did it in an attempt to better the Mexican-Spanish relationship. This ultimately resulted led to the mistreatment the mestizos in forms of harsh labour, exploitation, low wages and much oppression in their day to day lifestyles. The exploitation of this class through using them to do the harsh labour requested by the Spanish foreign investors was reflected in the heavily impoverished lifestyles that the lower classes lived. Obviously, the fact that the Spanish invaders of 1519 continued to live in Mexico exerted their authority based on the fact that they had lighter skin therefore seemingly of greater importance lead to the contribution of racism contributing to the oppressed Mexicans revolting against the dictatorship three hundred years later which thus gives great evidence to the fact that the Spanish conquest also gave a large contributing factor towards the aggravation of the native Mexicans and led towards the revolution. The revolution itself was not very violent and was considerably short as the main aim of the revolution was fulfilled upon the resignation of Profirio Diaz and the three century long Spanish hold over Mexico ended when Juan Mendez came into power and the decomposition of the injustice, disparity and inequality began. Therefore it can be concluded that the Revolution of 1911 was a result of the numerous aggravations including the three decade long dictatorship of Profirio Diaz, the influence of the Spanish conquest in 1519, the disparity of wealth, inequality towards those of native Mexican decent as well as racism based on those of the minority lighter skin tones being placed of greater importance than the majority who was subject to oppression based on
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