The Chief Financial Officer (Cfo) of a Two Year Old Company, Cuny R (Cfo) of a Two Year Old Company, Cuny Analytics

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Individual Final Project You have been named the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a two year old company, CUNY Analytics. Financials have been prepared by a bookkeeper. As CFO, you responsible for the preparation of accurate financials, analysis and review of the financials before they are released and communication of the results of your company to banks, investors, creditors and the government, as necessary. Please complete the following: a. What are the four major financial statements and, in depth, discuss their purpose. • Income Statement Reports revenues and expenses for a specific period of time. A firm's revenues, gains, expenses and losses are listed on the income statement. Revenue is money earned from a company’s…show more content…
Shareholders’ equity is the total amount of equity in the firm. The shareholders’ equity section of the balance sheet is explained in further detail on the statement of shareholders’ equity. • Cash Flow Statement The cash flow statement shows the amount of cash within a company. Items that affect the cash balance are listed on the statement. The first section of the cash flow statement is operating activities, which shows the cash flowing in and out of the company in relation to its business operation. The operating activities section also includes net income and the change in dollars of certain accounts listed on the balance sheet. The next section, investing activities, shows cash the company received and spent on a company's capital investments. The financing activities section shows the inflows and outflows of cash related to the company’s issued financial securities, which is also listed on the balance sheet and statement of shareholders' equity. • Statement of Shareholders’ Equity / Retained Earnings Statement Retained Earnings Statement shows amounts and causes of changes in retained earnings during the period. Time period is the same as that covered by the income statement. Users can evaluate dividend payment practices. This statement shows the changes in the shareholders’ equity account. The first line item is the beginning balance for common stock. The amount of newly issued common stock is added to the

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