The Chiffonier Character Analysis

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Hemorrhages- Last Saturday night, his uncle died in a horrible car wreck, which caused his fatal hemorrhage, but luckily no one else was injured

Ostracized- She wanted to express her true self, so she came to school in neon colors and sparkly shoes, but the popular girls ostracized her as a result.

Chiffonier- When I came into my mother’s elegant room, she called from her grand bed, for me to grab her glass of water on the chiffonier.

Falsetto- On the opening night of the play, the everyone in the audience was absolutely mesmerized by the star’s impressive falsetto.

Psychoanalyzed- He stroomed out of the classroom, screaming at his teachers and ripping posters off of the wall, so his parents had him psychoanalyzed.

Halitosis- He never
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