The Child Abuse Prevention And Treatment Of Act

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Gimme Shelter

The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Reauthorization Act (2010)

Kristan Maxwell

Eastern Illinois University

April 17, 2015

Movie Title: Gimme Shelter
Based on a true story, the movie “Gimme Shelter” (2013) depicts a 16-year-old named Agnes “Apple” struggle after leaving her abusive home. Early on in the movie it was evident that Apple wanted better for herself and her future. In the past she had been in multiple shelters, foster homes where she was sexually abused along with many other trialing experiences, Apple was ready to risk getting placed into another shelter in order to get away from her mother’s abuse.
Apple never had anyone besides her mother. Born when her mom was just a teenager, Apple’s father was nowhere to be found. When she finally ran from home she took the only thing she had ever been given from her dad; a letter. She used the return address on the letter to find where her father lived and asked for help until she was able to support herself. Her father had a successful job working for Wall Street and was now married with two young children. It was not long after he had agreed to let her stay that she discovered she was pregnant. Soon after, his wife made an appointment and took Apple to an abortion clinic. Apple was against the abortion and ran out of the clinic leaving her homeless once again.
Living on the streets was hard and as a young teen she was often the target by older men.…
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