The Child Being Observed Here Is Named Priscilla And She Just Turned 12 Weeks Old

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The child being observed here is named Priscilla and she just turned 12 weeks old. The observation began around 5:45p.m and both of her parents were present, as well as other family members. The observation took place at Bengtson 's Pumpkin Farm and Fall Fest, on October 15th. At the beginning of the observation, Priscilla was being held by one of her cousins. She was calm at first but as soon as her cousin started saying, "who’s that pretty girl, you are, ohh yes you are", and repeated herself at least three times, Priscilla started to frown a little and stick out her bottom lip as if she was about to cry. Her cousin then started to laugh and say “okay, okay, I’m sorry" and continued to rock her. As it was time for the family to get on the Hay ride, Priscilla, who was still being held by her cousin began to cry. Her mother then came and picked her up, as she was lifting her she said, "Don’t cry, don 't cry mommy is here", then began to rock her. Priscilla instantly stopped the crying and just looked towards her mother. As her mother began to sing very gently to her," Lavenders green, dilly, dilly, Lavenders blue, if you love me, dilly, dilly, I will love you." Priscilla, with her eyes still looking towards her mother just laid in her arms listening to the lullaby. When the family got onto the Hay ride Priscilla was still in her mother’s arms. She was then put sitting up against her mother chest as we all sat down next to one another. Next to Priscilla and her mother,

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