The Child By Tiger Is A Short Story Written By Thomas Wolfe

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The Child by Tiger is a short story written by Thomas Wolfe. The moral of his story is that everything has a good and evil side. The story is narrated by a 35 year old man, known as Spangler, who reflects back on 25 years ago to where he met a man named Dick Prosser. Overtime as events took place, Dick became a major life lesson in Spangler 's life. Dick Prosser is a developing character in this story based on his skills developed over time, and religious motivation. The story first starts off with the narrator telling about his relations with Dick Prosser. Dick Prosser is the Shepperton’s new Negro man. He goes on to tell about all the things that he knows and what Dick teaches him and his friends. From what he hears, Dick was an army man who is recently discharged and looking for work. Not only can Dick cook, clean, and drive but he is also highly skilled in many areas. He is so skilled that he could chop wood in symmetry; each piece being the same size and length. He teaches the narrator and his friends’ thing such as how to throw a ball, shoot a gun, make a fire, kick a ball, and also box. From the narrator point of view, Dick is the idea role model. The children adored him along with many others. No one thought that he could go wrong. Continuing throughout the story, the narrator not only notice the good in Dick 's character, but also became suspicious of other things as well. He senses a presence at times in which he feels is creeping in the dark. Dick continued on

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