The Child Care Center Is A Fabulous Place For Children

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The Children Child Care center is a fabulous place for children to have fun and learn in a safe environment. The rooms had plenty of room in them for all the different activities the children had available to play with. They had a painting area with a board to clip the art work on with a lip for markers. Children should know one or multiple colors by age 4. Board games were piled on a shelf that included many learning games that involved math skills. Activities such as the math games help develop the cognitive mind on problem solving and memory. However, cognitive development is intellectual abilities, including learning, memory, language development, problem solving and intelligence (Feldman (2014). Early development is critical periods in life. There was a section of the room for just building blocks that had many different sizes and colors. Erik Erikson believed that it was positive for the child to discover ways to initiate actions and have a sense of competence (Feldman (2014). A corner of the room had a musical area that had a radio and instruments for the children to play with. This is a nice option for the children to play with because children who have an early interest in music, gradually become more developed as they get older. Everything in the room had a label on it from stencils to board games and even cabinets. Children can count to ten by the age of five (Child Development Institute (n.d.). They were labeled to name the object; however, the cabinets were

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