The Child For Safe Driving

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“ Everyone makes mistakes.” This was a phrase that continuously played in my head while tears rolled down my face. I was thirteen years old and had recently been practicing driving with my dad in our church parking lot. I believed I was the poster child for safe driving. I never drove too fast, hit any cones or made my dad scared for his life while riding with me. After another great driving lesson with my dad, I worked up the courage to ask my dad if I could park my mom’s car in the garage. This seems super trivial but I knew if I did it and my dad recorded my great parking job I would earn some cool points with some of the kids in my class. After ten suspenseful seconds, my dad finally answered my question and let me park the car. I was ecstatic and already filled with pride. I made sure to drive slow so my dad could get some great footage of me driving. My foot stepped on the brake but for some reason the garage wall kept getting closer and closer. I had made the biggest mistake. I had stepped on the gas instead of the brake. Just as the wall began to fall, so did the tears from my eyes. I jumped out of the car and tried to clear off some of the bricks from my mom’s car. As I tried cleaning it off, the rest of the wall came crashing down just as I knew my life was going to when I had to tell my mom what happened. My dad ran over to make sure I was okay and began to try and comfort me, assuring me that everything was an easy fix. Although I appreciated the mercy my dad…
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