The Child Is A Child

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Marcus, a six-year-old male child, is playing in the living room with his five year old sister. Toys that have been denoted for girls and boys are both available yet Marcus chooses to play with the “girl” toys. This is not the first time, Marcus has done this, the action of playing with his sisters toys and his shy demeanor, has made his family question Marcus sexuality labeling him possibly gay before he’s had the chance to make this conclusion for himself. Therefore, because Marcus choice in toys and non-rambunctious demeanor, his sexuality was chosen for him because it was outside of the model of what it means to be a male child. Though, this is hypothetical scenario, it is a common one. Within western culture, before birth and even conceptions people opt whether or not they would prefer a girl or boy. During pregnancy and even afterwards a newborn child is expected to either be a boy or a girl based on the genitalia. If the child has a penis it is expected for it to be a boy and therefore adapt and follow the social-hegemonic normativity of what it means to be a boy/man. If the baby has a vagina then it has been established that the child should be a girl and follow the social normativity’s of what is means to be a girl. Western society does not differentiate between, gender and sexuality based of the sex of a child. Instead these three concepts are seen as intertwined based off of the sex of the child. Gender is a fluidic term that exists cross –culturally…
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