The Child Of The Wild Child

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Susan Wiley, or most commonly known as Genie the Wild Child was born on the 18th of April 1957. She was the fourth child of Clark and Irene Wiley and was one of two children that survived childhood. Her parents were married in 1944 Clark was 20 years his wife’s senior and their marriage was riddled with domestic violence. Their first two children were both suspiciously killed before their first birthday. It was reported that Clark Wiley extremely disliked children and was very mentally unstable. The third of the Wiley children John lived with Clarks mother Pearl, when she was killed in a hit and run accident Clark held his son responsible which only added to his fragile mental health. The final child of the couple was Genie. At a doctor’s appointment in late 1958 when Genie was 20 months old the doctor diagnosed her with mild retardation. However, this claim has been debated. Nevertheless, Genie’s sadistic father kept her in extreme isolation locked away in an upstairs bedroom. The window was covered in aluminium foil and Genie was tightly restrained to a potty chair in near darkness every day. At night she slept in a tattered sleeping bag tied down in a cot that was enclosed with chicken wire. Although she would often be left on the potty chair overnight. She was malnourished and Clark forbid his son and wife to speak to Genie. If she was to make any sound she was beaten with a wooden plank, and was allegedly sexually abused also. Though no one will ever know exactly what
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