The Child Protective Services ( Cps )

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The Child protective services (CPS) is formed of social workers who are the forefront of its community’s child protections efforts. In recent years, according to Scanlon et Harding, “while the profession of social work and the labor movement have moved in different directions since the post-WW2 era, recent events, such as the dominance of managed care and cuts in government financing, have led social workers to rediscover unions as potential political and workplace allies” (Scanlon et Harding, 2004). So, in this paper, we will evaluate the practicality of unions presence in CPS, and made some recommendations. Then, we will evaluate the opportunity of privatization and why the CPS should or should not privatize its services. Also, we will analyses some of the agency policies, procedures and/or plan regarding pensions, assess the agency’s approach to productivity and performance. Lastly, we will make some recommendations on actions the CPS can made to improve its productivity and performance. Child Protective Services and Unions Labor union is a group, or combination of workers who come together to ensure favorable wages, better work hours, enhanced working conditions and to resolve any complaints against employers (Legal-dictionary, n.d). It has become very important for social workers to join unions as those ones have been facing challenges such as understaffing, and unsafe work environment. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,
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