The Child 's And Sister 's Pregnancy

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John and Dave was viewing his mother 's and sister 's pregnancy, on his holographic monitor. It shows every detail in crystal clarity, from fertilization, to the development of the fetus. Dave pats his buddy on the back, proudly. "Congratulations on getting your mother and sister pregnant, buddy. Could you use that software on my family next, to be more intimate with me?" John opens up Dave 's family bios. It 's show every information, from sexuality, to likes and dislikes, ect. "No problem Dave, make a list and I 'll set it up for you." Dave sat down, thinking deeply. He wanted to do something a little bit differently, from John 's family programming. Then he wrote his ideas on a piece of paper. 15 minutes later, he handed it to John. John read Dave 's list. -------------------------------------------- -They could not get pregnant, unless I want them to. They would be pregnant instantly, when I decide to make that decision. I could choose the gender of the child and how many they could receive, once impregnated. -Anything I instruct them to do, they will do it without resistance. No matter how perverse and immoral my request is. -They will be aware of every interaction. No emotional change, but they will not stop me from my sexual advance. They will be constantly aroused at all times, but they will not have sex with anyone besides me. -They will dress more revealing clothes, and would show as much assets, as possible. When they are at home, they will remain
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