The Childhood Obesity Epidemic

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Why is there is a higher percentage of obesity in children than adults? Do school lunches lead to high childhood obesity? Why are three out every child in America suffering from obesity? These are the questions that come in mind when people talk about childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is defined as a sober medical disorder that affects youngsters at a young age and it arises when a child is exceeding his or her normal weight. The obesity in adolescents is increasing because of nonexistence of physical activity, school lunches offering high calorie food to students, food advertising promoting unhealthy food, and government providing additional money to school for school meal. An increase in childhood obesity is bad because it can be harmful to one’s health and it can lead to immediate and long-term effects on health. Overweight and obesity are the results of high amount of calorie intake in a human body than it is supposed to burn as energy. Considering the intake of calories by teenagers in this generation, a person should not be shocked by the statistics on obesity today. Obesity in childhood is also increasing because children between ages eight and 18 spend most of their time watching television, surfing the internet, texting, playing x-box or play station instead of participating in outdoor activities that include going on a walk, playing sports, and working out to stay fit and healthy. According to the researchers, students must sleep eight hours each day to stay
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