The Childhood Of Mother And Dad Essay

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Mary is a 14 month little girl, wearing a fluffy dress, large hair bow and Maryjane shoes, accompanied by her mother Lana to a children’s museum. After Lana signed an OLLU consent and confidentiality form, this observer assured the mom that their names would remain anonymous and only used for this academic project. A family genogram visually demonstrates that Mary has a three year old, older brother Peter (see Appendix A). These two are the only children in their generation. Mom, whose primary language is Romanian, feels completely American now. She has a younger, unmarried, 28 year old brother. Dad, age 37, has two older sisters with one married and the other single. Mom’s parents were born in Romania and live in San Antonio via Canada where mom was born. Dad’s parents are of Greek, German and other western European descent. Both mom and dad, who own their own home, are college graduates. Mom was a kindergarten teacher before the children were born and now identifies as a full-time homemaker. Dad is a mechanical engineer, working full-time in a Houston petroleum company. He acts kindly, and patiently assists with childcare evenings and weekends. Mom was observed to be highly attentive, protects her daughter from falls, bumps and wobbles, is keenly observant, verbally responsive and multi-sensorally interactive to her daughter. She fills their days with educational activities, reads about 20 books/day, sings songs, develops theme weeks, and restricts
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