The Childhood Of The Middle Childhood

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In the middle childhood develop; physically their height and weight are slowly growing. Both boys and girls still tend to grow 2 inches each year. Children do not hit a fast growth spurt until they are adolescent. As their bones get longer and muscles being to build up children become more physical active and tend to exercise more than they realize. Bodies begin to adjust to a growing skeleton and children will experience to awkward aches and firmness from growing pains. Through the ages of 6-12 children will lose their baby teeth and start growing their permanent teeth. Most people may think the permanent teeth are to big for children but that is only because their facial bones have not fully lengthened and widen to proportion evenly. As children begin to grow they may face disorders that can affect their learning. Most disorders are detectable in the middle childhood stage when children begin to start school. The purpose of school is for children to sit down still, listening when suppose to and mastering skills in school making them to abilities. But not all children are capable of doing all those things. For example, children both well developed and Down syndrome could have learning disabilities, speech disabilities, physical disabilities, and social and emotional disorders. One-disorder parents tend to think children have is attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. The National Down Syndrome Society stated that, “ADHD is characterized by consistent…

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