The Children Act : Professional And Personal Boundaries

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The Children Act: Professional and Personal Boundaries

This essay explores the theme of professional and personal boundaries in the novel ‘The Children Act’. It discusses the challenges facing social workers in relation to establishing boundaries and looks at how to manage boundaries. Finally, I will conclude with remarks on what I have learnt about professional and personal boundaries in social work practice from writing the essay.

In every professional relationship, there is power inequality and the likelihood of discrimination and abuse. Therefore, in other to prevent such abuse, the notion of professional boundaries is promoted, however. these boundaries are presented as basic for everyone (O’Leary, Tsui and Ruch 2013). Social work is a relationship-based profession and making a decision on where to place boundaries is a serious challenge. Some level of professional closeness is required to develop a relationship, but this should be balanced with some level of professional distance (Banks and Nohr 2012). Doel (2012) points out if social worker encounter service users in social situations boundaries can become blurred Gottleib (1993), Miller (1998) and Pope (2005) as cited in Pugh (2007) points out that the relationship between social workers and service users (referred to as ‘dual relationships’) cannot be controlled or circumvented at all times.

The British Association of Social Workers (BASW 2012) codes of ethics stipulates that social workers are obliged to
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