The Children Left Behind

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The Children Left Behind (Rough Draft 1) Learning disability is a worldwide problem affecting over 2.4 million children in the United States alone. All types of communities are afflicted by learning disabilities causing problems, but it seems children in urban areas struggle the most, as those schools generally don’t provide extra help. Disabilities like attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, and dyscalculia are issues you can see by looking at someone, and are often overlooked by schools in at risk neighborhoods. Students with learning disabilities earn lower grades and experience higher rates of course failure than students without learning disabilities. To help fix the problem of students with learning disabilities dropping out of school, more specialized teachers should be put in place to cater to children with learning disabilities. A learning disability is defined as a “neurological condition that interferes with an individual’s ability to store, process, or produce information” (“New to LD” 1). Learning disabilities can affect one’s ability to read, write, speak, spell, compute math, and reason: all of which are essential for learning in today’s public school system. An individual’s attention, memory, coordination, social skills, and emotional maturity can also be negatively impacted with the presence of a learning disability. According to the National Center for Learning Disability, “approximately 5 percent of the total public school enrollment
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