The Children and Young Persons Act 2008 Essay

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There are a number of legislations which address the needs of young people leaving care with provisions that are in place to help them through life transitions. The Children and Young Persons Act 2008 focuses on older young people and those who are leaving care. Providing the necessary legislative support to improve the care system in England. Ensuring that stability and continuity in every aspect of a child's care. This act proposed to reform the statutory framework for the care system involving children and young people as much as possible regarding decision making, giving them a voice so that they are heard. Resulting in the improvement of care standards.

Its main aims are to improve the delivery of social workers, the functions in
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Making the role of the designed teacher statutory for more support for care leavers by offering an incentive, they are entitled to a £2,000 bursary if they go into higher education or training.

Children who are looked after must not move from an unregulated placement such as foster care or a children's home without a form review, chaired by an Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) to confirm that they are ready to move and that the new setting will meet their needs. Children's voices are heard in all decisions about their futures and are made by them.

When leaving care young people are faced with a whole range of responsibilities, it is important for care settings to recognised this. When making the transition out of care the young person must be healthy, safe, have developed both emotionally and behaviourally. A plan must have been made and approved by a personal advisor and an assessment of needs should be completed. Most importantly suitable accommodation is available and financial support is provided. All social and family relationships (if applicable and mutually decided) are healthy.

Pathway plans are essential a young persons health, housing, educational support and financial support is reviewed by a social worker every 6 months. The council must support young people in and out of care until the age of 21. At 16 the council will give out a plan to help the young person transition smoothly out of care into independent living. At 18 young people
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